Charitable Projects

École N'singa

École N'singa is a primary school that is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo; in the capital city of Kinshasa and located in the region of Ngaliema which houses over 250 students.

The school was founded around 1997 and has experienced many trials and tribulations in order to survive, once able to teach both primary and secondary students, the school had to stop teaching secondary students due to financial constraints and other external factors.

École N’singa has a strong significance to Maison Artell and our partners Héritage Monde. Together, we formed a partnership in order to improve the standard of school facilities and teaching. We aim to accomplish this by, in the short term, providing financial support in order to refurbish the school and maintenance as well as providing the teachers and students with the necessary academic tools for them to succeed; in order to reduce household spending.


Our Long term goal is to relocate the primary school to a suitable location within the region to provide a better standard of learning and service for the children.

We understand the importance and the responsibility we have in investing in the next generation. This is why, we Héritage Monde and Maison Artell will donate a percentage of sales to the school in order to achieve what we have set out to