Maison Artell was founded as Artell Accessories in London in 2015. It was created with the vision of producing high quality accessories, which embodied the values of its founders. Ambition, Confidence & Elegance.

In 2018, Artell Accessories was reborn as Maison Artell. This change reflected the growth of entrepreneurial spirit and ambition in its founders' to become a fashion house and create iconic collections of clothing and accessories.

We aim to inspire people to dream big and hold grand ambitions. For people to develop the confidence and skills necessary to achieve their grand ambitions. For people to achieve their goals in their own unique style, their own elegance.

Every item we create, we design with these values in mind. Maison Artell products are of the highest quality, bold and unique.

The Core Values of Maison Artell




a strong desire to do or achieve something.

The first of three values of Maison Artell is Ambition. This is the core engine which drives us to create an inspirational and creative fashion house that can impact the masses. We believe that it is important to be ambitious if you wish to make an impact and to constantly remind yourself of your ambition to remained energised and fixed towards achieving your vision. We aim to constantly communicate this value through our items and messaging in order to inspire others to become ambitious.




a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement.

The second of three values of Maison Artell is Self-Confidence. We believe that self-confidence is an important trait to have in order to be the best version of yourself, to be content with the qualities you have and to achieve your burning vision. We aim to not only portray self-confidence through bold items, but to also communicate how self-confidence can be developed through inspirational communication via social media.




the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

The third of three values of Maison Artell Elegance. We believe that elegance is unique to every individual. We all have our own gracefulness. Our own manner in carrying ourselves. Our own style. We believe that this elegance should be expressed to the world, sharing part of ourselves which inspire others. We aim to create elegant items in each of our collections which will augment people's ability to express and share their elegance with the world.



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