Don't dwell on your losses, Bounce back from them

"Wins and the losses, it comes with being bosses" - Meek Mill

In life, we will always encounter losses. It may be failing to achieve a certain goal or releasing a project that doesn't do well. It may be that you did not sell as much products you expected to. It may be a friend who betrays your trust or even the death of a loved one. 

Losses will occur. Especially to those who have grand ambitions. Once we accept this, we can begin to think about how we can manoeuvre to avoid them, how to act when they occur and what to do to bounce back from them.

 How to Avoid Losses

Losing or failing can bring us very important lessons. However, the aim should be to win more than you lose. But in order to do this, you must think about losing before winning. It's important to plan in order to avoid losses. You are about to start a project, have you thought about what could go wrong? Look at your friendship group, do you keep friends who bring around too much negativity? Are you doing your best to maintain good health before it catches up with you?

Thinking about losses or failures that may happen, help us to plan to avoid them.


What to do when you take a L

 You have taken an L. The business you started has not sold as many products as you planned or the YouTube video you released got 4 views, and 3 of them came from you. When we take losses, we tend to have a natural urge to become very emotional. We become angry with ourselves or with other people. We become frustrated or upset. This is fine, however you must remember to control these emotions and to bring ourself back to the understanding that losses will happen but they do not need to have a negatively permanent effect on us.

Take time out to think about what went wrong and why it went wrong in a calm and objective manner. It may be certain poor decisions on our own part, or not doing enough research. It may also be due to factors outside your control. 


How to bounce back from a L

You have now delved in deep into how and why your loss occurred. You have learnt the hard lessons that come with taking losses. Its now no longer time to dwell in what went wrong but now to focus on how to turn the tide and bounce back. We must use all the information gained from us diagnosing our loss and use it to create new strategies for success. Think about solutions to the various problems that led to your loss. For example, you posted a YouTube video and only shared it one of your social media pages. Think about posting it on all your social media pages and asking some friends to repost it to gain more reach.

It can be difficult to do this. Taking a loss can leave you demoralised but you must remind yourself of your "why". If you took a loss in your business or your projects, remind yourself of why you started this in the first place to motivate you to get back on task. If a friend betrayed you, remind yourself of the type of person you want to become and be around. If you have lost a loved one, think about what you would want to do to make them proud or to continue their legacy. This will help motivate you into getting back on task.

 We hope these these steps will help you with dealing with the inevitability of losses and failures and help you bounce back stronger!












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